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Bad Credit?

Do you have bad credit even though you have a stable job and good income? Does a past, unexpected financial emergency still haunt you on your credit report? If you’ve had a bankruptcy, loan modification or even foreclosure, we are the source to go to for the purchase or refinance of your home.

The truth is, a great deal of Americans are struggling. One-third of Americans have a low credit score, and as much as 56% are looking at subprime mortgage credit worthiness. The financial crisis of 2008 triggered the worst recession since the great depression, which ultimately destroyed over 9 million good jobs and shrank the economy by hundreds of billions of dollars. It caused 14 million foreclosure notices, along with millions of loan modifications, Deed-In-Lieu of foreclosures, and bankruptcies which were very damaging to credit of so many American consumers.

The good news is, all is not lost. Here at Pridemark Group, we have access to over 40 financial institutions with different programs and different guidelines. We know how one major hiccup can ruin a credit report, and often times we can tell you the simple fix to get things back on track. We can find you the best solution to your credit problems.

Don’t let the past affect the future. Rebuilding your credit and saving your home can be a lot easier than you might think.


  • We can accept 100% of the deposits in your bank account as your income if you have been self-employed the last two years (instead of your tax returns)
  • We use your assets as your income
  • We use traditional credit like utility bills, rent payments, etc. vs. your credit
  • We make loans one day after bankruptcy or foreclosure on some of these programs

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